Timber Garden Sheds

At ST SHEDS our unique shiplap TIMBER range adds a glamorous look to blend into your garden living area. Our shiplap timber range is cut at 22mm but we will never advertise a timber garden shed at 22mm. Our shiplap TIMBER when naturally dried is passed down to you at 18mm, all timber shrinks when dry and expands when wet but to get a quality product, your building must be manufactured when timber is completely dry. The result is you purchase a “gap free” timber building.


At ST SHEDS, all our timber is pressure treated including the inside framing, there is no requirement to utilize a breathable membrane as we don't cover up mistakes! Our shiplap is dried naturally ensuring no gaps form in the board even during sunny, sunshine weather!


ST SHEDS deliver quality finished products, so we ensure your complete satisfaction by utilising only pressure treated timber on all our product ranges.


The Height of all timber ST sheds is approximately 7 feet high to the apex and all sheds come with a non-drip Steel roof to prevent condensation.  

A Fixed window comes as standard with a raised OSB flooring.